CMKY – The Creation Of Retro By Elo Marc

About This Collection: It all started as a journey. I have always been a collage kid at heart and I was lucky enough to grow up in a very creative environment where my family didn’t have much money but we learned how to improvise to entertain ourselves. Mom used to work in a doctor’s office and bring home old National Geographic Magazines. My sisters and I would cut the picture perfect images and collage them on cabinets, drawers and the back of our bedroom door when she left for work. After graduating on Graphic Arts, I wanted to show a little more of my creative side. But I have always been a frustrated illustrator just for the fact that after all the drawing classes I have taken, I still suck at drawing. But I have ideas! Then decided to go back and do what I can do best. Collages! Design school helped me to understand balance and color combination . The rest, is pure creativity. CMYK was the first digital collage I have created. It represents the colors I love and the birth of me as an artist. Inspired by the Sistine Chapel, a painting by Michelangelo (The creation of Adam) The CMYK art has been so far one of the most iconic art I have created and it's owed by 1000 people worldwide.

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