The Creation Of Retro

About This Book: This book features Elo's best collage artworks and the famous CMYK(the creation of retro) art. Featured in high profile magazines, blogs and webistes. Elo also includes six of his brand new poems that were inspired by his creations and process thoughts.

Arts: CMYK(the creation of retro), Abducted, The Beetle, 1970, Auf Wiedersehen, Childhood, Circus, Candy Girl, Live After Death, Go Disco, Lost , Mother Nature, The Queen And The king, Retro Kiss, Ribbons, Veneno, Retro Radio, Je T'aime, Oh Dear, The Advocates, Waiting, Vintage Retro, We Want You, War And Roses, What You See Is What You Get, Simple Love, Words Of Mass Destruction, Telephone, Time For Breakfast, Text From The Past.

Poems: CMYK, Childhood, Lost, Veneno, Waiting , Simple Love.

© 2015 - By Elo Marc.